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You’ve probably got some questions about what kind of pool works best, where and how. That’s why we’ve put together some answers to our most frequently asked questions—and don’t forget we’re here to help if you don’t see the answer you’re after below.

If you’re after a concrete outdoor or indoor pool for a Melbourne backyard, you’re only limited by your imagination. But a word of warning – fibreglass pools are made using a generic mould and their shape can’t be changed.

Concrete offers true swimming measurements in both length and width, while fibreglass pool’s measurements is normally quoted to the outside of the mould, which means you can lose 400 – 600mm in both length and width.

You can make your custom concrete pool any depth you like but a fibreglass pool will be a specific depth. Tip: ask what your fibreglass pool’s water measurements are because they may not be the same as its mould measurements.


You can design your concrete pool steps to maximise pool usage. Fibreglass pool steps are always set by the design in the mould, so you won’t be able to change them.

Concrete: Yes! You can.

Fibreglass: Unfortunately, you can only choose from the design moulds readily available.

We don’t require a crane when building a concrete pool, but you will if you choose to build a fibreglass pool—and the added costs to your pool budget can be in the thousands!

If you’re building with concrete, your options are manifold, including quartz render, pebble, glass, tiles and more in the colours of the rainbow. For fibreglass pools, you’ll choose from a standard range of colours.

You can with a concrete outdoor or indoor pool (Melbourne and Victoria-wide). It’s designed for each individual site (e.g. prevailing winds). However, a fibreglass pool’s skimmer box position is determined when the mould is manufactured and there’s no way to change that after the fact.

Yes, if you choose a concrete pool. You can individually design the depths of your pool to suit your family needs (e.g. playing volleyball from each end of pool).

Fibreglass pools require a concrete beam to be poured after installation of the moulded shell, but concrete pools have no such requirement.

Yes. Structurally you can have your concrete pool out of ground. For fibreglass pools, you’ll need to check individual manufacturers’ guidelines.

Concrete pool structures will outlast their surface interiors and can be removed at any time.

For fibreglass pools, it depends on whether osmosis (mould behind the gel coat) and/or UV rays have affected your shell above and below the water line.


Concrete and fibreglass pools are both designed to withstand normal Melbourne conditions.