Pool types

Design your perfect backyard oasis.

From indoor to outdoor, above-ground to in-ground pools, all Melbourne backyards should have a custom pool that’s perfect for their needs.

Swimming pools mean different things to different people. Some want to keep up with the Joneses, others want to have more options to enjoy their home environment. Some choose to exercise at home with a lap pool, others want a safe place for their kids to play and beat the summer heat.


Whatever your reason for wanting an above-ground or inground pool, Melbourne, we’ve got your options covered. 


However, it’s vital you make the right decision for your space, so here’s a list of pool types to help you choose:

Fibreglass vs concrete pools for Melbourne homes.

Fibreglass pools are an excellent option for those with the available space, but they’re not particularly flexible because they’re only available in pre-manufactured shapes. You’ll need to find one that fits your backyard well—there are less options to integrate them into your design.

Concrete pools, on the other hand, can work virtually anywhere, and you can have any shape or size your heart desires.

Above-ground vs in-ground pools for Melbourne homes.

Above-ground pools are designed and built to be above the ground level. While there are many different types of above-ground pools, we specialise in concrete, which is great if you need to customise your pool design to suit your backyard and lifestyle.

Whether you have an uneven or sloping site, unstable ground, or even a tight or unusual area that would not fit a large machine, a concrete above-ground pool is a great solution for you. You may also want to factor a deck for easier access into your budget.

Inground pools need to be fully dug out, so may require a little extra space for a heavy machine. If your space is tight and you’re unsure, let us assess it for you. Our diggers come in many different sizes and may be perfectly suitable for your backyard.

We typically install our above-ground and inground pools in Melbourne in 8-12 weeks. You can choose any shape, colour or size you want so they’re easier to integrate into your space more naturally. You can also add unique features such as spas, waterfalls and lush landscape design.

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