This swimming pool design blends in sharp angles within a stylish and modern landscaped area. The visually clean lines provide an aesthetic charm to the theme of the house, all enclosed within glass fencing so as not to spoil the beautiful atmosphere. An array of timber posts breaks the look of a standard boundary fence, fronted by the simplistic greenery which is lit up from beneath to create a warm and inviting ambience. The most innovative feature of this design showcases the small vegetation that appears to grow between the pavers, adding a touch of life to what would have been a plain open space. 


The building envelope on this property resulted in taking careful consideration for the landscape design where the pool was to be the main feature. The lengthy planning process circulated around finding the absolute best location for the swimming pool so that it fused naturally with the landscaping. The pool ended up being positioned in optimum viewing space through the windows of the dining area of the home, which also avoided the likelihood of segregating the large backyard.


Strategically positioned LED lights illuminate the pool interior to showcase the deep blue mosaic fully tiled pool finish, which truly stands out amongst the natural travertine paving. The water feature was designed with a stainless-steel triple-flow cascade to provide soothing sounds, doubling as a feature for the owner’s young children to splash around in. The pool also includes a beach area for the children to enjoy, teamed with a ledge along one side incorporating four venturi jets to relax and unwind on those long and tense days.

Vogue Grange Landscapes
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Seaspray Pools - Melbourne

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