Designed directly along the boundary of the property, this swimming pool occupies the perfect amount of space to ensure a functional backyard. Although encased in a tight fit, the frameless glass pool barrier seamlessly parts the outdoor area without obstructing the radiant view of the swimming pool.


The most obvious feature for this swimming pool and spa design is the fully tiled interior that extends above the waterline to the top of the surrounding walls. To create this look, the pool walls were engineered to be thicker than a standard build in order to support the block walls for the surrounding structure, creating a visual effect of an upward continuation of the pool itself.


The varying shades of blue Bisazza glass tiles create a stylish and modern alternative to a plain rendered wall, providing an artistic touch to the overall design.

To top off this design, a rain drop waterfall was installed in the roof truss to cascade in front of the window of the main dining area, being a discreet yet stunning feature.


Working alongside another family construction company, our team at Seaspray Pools are so incredibly thankful to have been able to take part in this truly picturesque pool and spa project.

AndyD Fotographix
Seaspray Pools - Melbourne

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