Martha Cove

Martha Cove

This swimming pool was designed in conjunction with the new home, which was soon to become a dream holiday getaway for the owner. The backyard was strategically excavated to drop one level, creating the illusion that the house and pool are set on a raised platform. The out of ground pool design bypasses the requirement for a pool safety barrier on the outer edges, intensifying the serenity of the seaside which would have otherwise had a compromised view.


When the home is unoccupied, the sanitization of the pool water is not only maintained by an automatic water management system, but also by being enclosed with an automatic Remco pool cover. Accessible with a single click, this cover emerges from within a submerged recess, lower than level of the swimming area so it does not occupy any valuable swimming space.


This 10m x 5m swimming pool is located on the corner of the property, being the prime location to showcase the panoramic views of the Marina. It features LED multicolour lighting, large electric heat pump, water chemical management system and black mosaic waterline tiles combined with dark grout to complete the overall chic design. Teamed with a seamless arrangement of silver travertine on the outside face of the structure, this pool is the perfect element to suit the theme and charm of the home.

Martha Cove
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