The finished result of this pool certainly demonstrates what can be achieved in a confined space. The original brief for this design was to create a family friendly swimming pool to integrate with the profile of the house and compliment the space available. Access was constricted and the limited pool area made the excavation difficult, however clever positioning of machinery and equipment ensured that the mess was minimized during soil removal. 


Approved Protection Works Notices were required to get the building permit issued as the pool was positioned adjacent to the side boundary of the property. This created the opportunity in both design and value for up to four meters wide of swimming space, utilizing as much of the area possible without having the pool completely take over the backyard. 


This swimming pool features LED multicolour lighting, solar heating, automatic water leveller, robotic pool cleaner, smooth rendered finish, and waterline tiles. The modern contemporary theme is flaunted by featuring three concrete square stools designed in the shallow end of the pool, fitting in perfectly with the main entertainment area. It was then designed to extend the second corner step to create a more intimate zone in that area of the pool. An additional 500mm ledge was designed across the width at the deep end of the pool to ensure that that end also adopted the function for entry, exit and a play and chill zone. However, the most create feature is the simple bend in the irregular shape that really makes this pool one to stand out amongst the rest. 

Cornerstone Paving
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Seaspray Pools - Melbourne

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