Surrey Hills

Surrey Hills

Designed to be constructed on a sloping block, this swimming pool was specifically engineered to be almost entirely out of ground. Formwork was used on all sides of the pool for support, ensuring that the overall size and shape made the most of the area that was available. Although located at the base of the backyard, the length of the pool nonetheless meets with the width of the home to ensure that no area was in fact left unused.


The staggered, split-level landscape allows the pool area to be viewed from the home; being the focal point of the urban design. These levels are continued within the pool area where the position of the spa appears to be on a raised platform, founding a gentle waterfall over the cornered tiled spillway into the swimming pool.


The whitewashed deck, vintage red bricks, and twilight hues in the pool creates a rustic and trendy ambience. The black mosaic waterline tile colour perfectly ties in with the charcoal glass pebble interior which gives the water its deep, twinkling teal shade. But perhaps the most unique feature of this design is having a selection of bluestone paving tiles underwater. These paving tiles were laid along the ledge, steps, and seated areas in the spa, not only being a contemporary visual aspect, but ensuring these areas are smooth to touch for many years to come.

Surrey Hills
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2018 SPASA Victoria Gold Award – Best Residential Concrete Pool – Under $50,000
Seaspray Pools - Melbourne

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